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Christ Church Cathedral

CREATE Youth Lock-In: April 30 – May 1


Youth who love the arts will find this upcoming lock-in particularly engaging with its focus on the arts and faith. Workshops will be held on drawing, songwriting, and photography. Are you a youth who thinks you don’t have a creative bone? Join us anyway. You will be surprised at what you will be able to do!


All youth are welcome. Cathedral affiliation is never a requirement! For more information and to register, contact Dan Carlson.

Youth Join in 30 HOUR FAMINE: World Vision Event

Youth Famine W

Our cathedral youth along with those of St. Timothy’s Church in Anderson Township served food to local shelters while participating in a 30 Hour Famine diocesan youth event the weekend of February 26 to bring awareness to both local and global hunger. Interested in being part of the youth making a difference? Contact youth director Dan Carlson.

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Our Youth Program

The cathedral youth program is designed for those in grades 6 through 12. Beyond Sundays, we gather at least once a month for teaching, service, or fun. We also connect several times each year through extended activities such as retreats, camps, lock-ins, service trips, or pilgrimages.


Our youth program is built around four central areas:


The Bible. The Bible keeps all Christians anchored in a shared conversation about history, ideas, ethics, and meaning. Yet Episcopal tradition insists that the Bible must be studied carefully through the lenses of tradition and reason. Learning to approach the Bible with curiosity, honesty, and a desire for meaningful understanding is a major goal of our youth program.


Christian Tradition. What’s the purpose of all the rituals and symbolic acts that make up our liturgy? What are the seasons of the church calendar? What is the Book of Common Prayer, and why do Episcopalians use it? Where did all this stuff come from, anyway? Our youth program aims to explore the roots of our faith, the lives of various saints and sinners who have come before us, and what it actually means to be a modern member of an ancient tradition.


Service. Our tradition holds that Christianity is less about what you think and more about what you do. By engaging in regular service projects and opportunities (both inside and outside the cathedral community), we hope to build this understanding into the lives of our youth. If we are being inspired by the Bible and focused by our Christian traditions, compassionate service to the world should be our ultimate response.


The Arts. We value the arts as a central expression of our religious identity. We make regular opportunities for our youth to engage with music, visual art, drama, and creative writing. We discuss works of art and what they mean, while trying to explore the arts as a whole: renaissance paintings along with modern movies, medieval hymns alongside popular music, stained glass windows in addition to video games. The arts can powerfully shape our understanding of God, the world, and ourselves — we take this power seriously.


For information about any of the youth programs, contact Dan Carlson.


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Meet Our Youth Director:

Dan Carlson


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